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Damson Corriedale Sliver - 4 ounces

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Damson Corriedale Sliver - 4 ounces
Super bulky and soft Corriedale Sliver in Damson - 4 ounces

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4 ounces

Super bulky and soft Corriedale Sliver.

Perfect for needle felting and spinning.

This is carded sliver so it is bulkier than combed top. Fluffy and lofty woolen prep makes for a loftier and softer yarn when spun. 29 to 30 micron, staple length an average of 4 inches. This color is Damson - a gorgeous reddish purple


This is carded into roving rather than combed top so it is a woolen prep fiber. The yarn you spin with this should be soft and airy. It can also be used for felting - nuno felting, wet felting, needle felting. 


This product has been discontinued by my supplier so please be sure to purchase what you need for your project!

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Corriedale
Color Family Purple, Red-purple
Color Attributes Commercially Dyed