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DRIZZLE - 4 oz Corriedale Roving in Light Grey

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DRIZZLE - 4 oz Corriedale Roving in Light Grey
4 oz Drizzle Corriedale Roving

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Drizzle Corriedale Roving in 4 oz Balls

This is a "bulk carded" Corriedale aka roving, rather than combed top. It is quite bulky and lofty and would be perfect for felting or spinning into yarn for outerwear.

This roving is a combination of shades of Corriedale in black and white in varying proportions to create various shades of grey. This is the lightest shade - called "Drizzle".

29-30 micron3-5 inch staple length

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Corriedale
Color Family Gray
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed