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Crown Jewels - Cotswold/Lincoln long locks - approx. 6 ounces

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Crown Jewels - Cotswold/Lincoln long locks - approx. 6 ounces
Approx. 6 oz of Cotswold/Lincoln fleece dyed in extreme blue, intense iris and teal green

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This is a blue ribbon fleece (shown at the National Western Stock Show) from a Cotswold/Lincoln cross ram. Dyed with professional acid dyes in Extreme Blue, Intense Iris and Teal Green. Staple length averages 5+ inches. I left the locks intact on the fleece - they pull apart easily enough but if you wanted to felt this into one big piece to make a boa scarf, etc., that would also be easy to do.

Entire batch weighs 11.88 oz - you will received half of what is shown - approx. 6 oz available

One batch is already sold so there is only approx. 6 oz left.

Super clean, super soft, super nice fleece - I got a good deal on the fleece at Estes Park Wool Market so I'm passing the savings on to you!

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Cotswold, Wool: Lincoln
Color Family Blue, Blue-green, Blue-purple, Green, Purple
Color Attributes Handdyed