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Rocky Mountain Sunrise Hand Crocheted Shawl/Wrap - A OOAK Original Design/Creation

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Rocky Mountain Sunrise Hand Crocheted Shawl/Wrap - A OOAK Original Design/Creation
Rocky Mountain Sunrise - OOAK Split Rock Ranch Original Design/Creation - Stunning Shawl/Wrap

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Rocky Mountain Sunrise


This stunning shawl is a OOAK Split Rock Ranch Original Design/Creation made without the use of a pattern. It started with a skein of Be Sweet Magic Ball yarn in the Hot Sundae colorway. I intended to make a long skinny scarf but as I was working on it, I went to my pink/orange/fuchsia yarn stash drawers and selected a few more yarns to add to it. By the time I was through selecting yarns, I had 12 additional skeins of yarn to work with, making it a total of 13 skeins of yarn used. 


I selected yarns in shades of pink, fuchsia, orange, rose, gold and a touch of mossy green. The colors remind me of our spectacular Rocky Mountain sunsets here in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. I used all sorts of different types of yarn including mohair boucle, brushed mohair, ladder, ribbon, beaded, flag, eyelash and regular plied yarns. The fiber content consists of wool, mohair, silk, rayon, poly and nylon. I purposely designed this by tying the yarns together as I switched yarn, leaving a tail to hang loose, matching the design of the Be Sweet Magic Ball yarn. These add textural interest to the piece. 


This shawl is sure to brighten your day when you wear it - or leave it draped over the back of a chair or hanging on a hanger in your boudoir where you can admire it all the time in between the times you wear it!


The shawl has a slightly curved edge designed to be worn next to the neck to give the shawl excellent drape as it hugs your frame. It can be worn long and loose, fastened in front with a shawl pin or stick (the shawl pin set shown is not included) or draped around the neck to fashion a cozy wrap. Use your imagination and wear this piece of fiber art many different ways. It will keep you warm, cozy and always fashionable.


It measures 13 inches wide, 67 inches along the neck edge and 78 inches along the outside edge. 


If you'd like to purchase this item and want to purchase insurance, please send me a message before checking out and I will add insurance to the price.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Goat: Mohair, Manufactured: Acrylic, Manufactured: Nylon, Manufactured: Tencel, Wool: Merino, Wool: Other
Color Family Orange, Pink
Color Attributes Commercially Dyed